Tesco Worker Has Meltdown in Hilarious Rant About Stupid Questions Customers Ask

We all have nights out on days we shouldn’t be going. The following mornings are tiring and we don’t want to go to work. This is especially true when you have to work a retail shift. Customers just don’t understand the difficulties of standing long hours and dealing with people. It’s very frustrating to people giving the service when they aren’t treated with the same respect they show to their clients. This video is of a young lady who had a long night and does not want to go to her retail job!

19 yr-old Jade Pinner from Basildon,Essex, went on a fun night out. She was sleep deprived and tired. So, along with getting ready for her late shift at Tesco, she did what any sensible Gen Z would do and filmed herself. In her TikTok video, you can see her ranting about how she’s dreading to go to her shift. She blows of steam by acting out sarcastic scenarios with customers. And all this while trying to get her uniform on!

woman screaming

The funniest part is when she gets hyped up and starts throwing punches in the air! The girls reaction is very relatable. Her expressions clearly tell us how much she hates going to her job. Watch the hilarious rant below.

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