This Little Kid Was Selling Beer in the Middle of the Streets His Reason is Unusual When Confronted

Do you remember the days when kids used to sell lemonade in hot summer days? They were on the streets all day working hard. Moreover, those refreshing drinks used to taste divine under the blaring sun. Oh, how times have changed! Just look at this kid. He’s selling a beverage in the street that shouldn’t even be near children.

This teen was selling beer in the streets! I don’t even know if it is legal or not, but one thing that holds is that the kid is hilarious! Selling a cup of beer for 25 cents apiece, the boy has some witty comebacks for people who have something to say about what he’s doing.

beer selling kid

The boy in the blue shirt is a bit of a ladies man. Moreover, he has some suggestions to make as he advertises his beer to women, young and old. In one instance, he even asks two older women for their ID if they want to drink the beer. Furthermore, his antics on the beach will have you on the floor, laughing! Watch the witty boy in action below:

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