This Woman Keeps Slipping on Ice, but Pay Attention to the Sound That Comes Right After

They say laughter is the best medicine. However, it can be rude to laugh at other people’s mistakes and misfortunes. But sometimes we can’t keep it in! It’s just too funny to keep it in. Surely, it can’t be healthy to keep the laughter pent up inside.

Canada has very harsh winters. The air becomes icy, and you will freeze if you aren’t bundled up. In the video, Caroline and her sister were in their parent’s driveway. Her father and sister go to put some stuff in the car, but it proves to be tough! Suzanne can’t seem to get a grip and keeps slipping to the floor. The rainstorm from the previous night had made the driveway icy. As a result, the path was pretty slippery. At one point, sister Suzanne can’t even stand up straight.

canadian hysterics

As if this wasn’t funny enough already, you can hear their mother laughing at the scene off-camera. This is no shy chuckle. Mom is in full hysterics, laughing at the funny sight in front of her. Her laughter is so infectious. You won’t be able to stop giggling with her. Turn up your volume and watch the whole video below:

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