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man saves dog from elevator

Video Shows Guy Rushing To Save Dog Whose Leash Got Trapped In Elevator


His Owner Trapped Him in Barbed Wires for 2 Days, Until a Rescue Group Did This to Save Him!

penelopes rescue

Terrified Stray Goes From Sickly To Prison To “Perfect” Thanks To Rescuers

Firefighters Come To The Rescue Of 120-Pound Great Dane Stuck In A Tree

Officer Saves Freezing Dog Struggling To Survive, But That’s Not Even The Best Part Of The Rescue


This Scared Dog Was Chained All His Life. 24 Hrs Later, He Has an Amazing Transformation

Owners Didn’t Want Him So They Threw Him on the Streets. My Heart Broke When Rescuers Did This!

He Was Trapped in a Rusty Cage & Was Never Freed. But Everything Changed He Stepped in

This Poor Dog Was About to Be Put Down. But When a Groomer Shaved Off His Fur, It Saved His Life!

This Lion Has Lived in a Cage All His Life. When He Gets Freed, at Last, I Can’t Stop Crying!


He Survived a Fire But Was Left Behind by His Family. I Sobbed When I Saw What the Rescuers Did!


After His Owner’s Death, This Poor Dog’s Family Members Abandoned Him , Wait Till You See His Transformation

arctic fox

Arctic Fox Stranded on Iceberg Miles From Shore Rescued by Fishermen

Woman Saves Deaf Deer Hit By A Car And The Animal Says Thank You In A Sweet Way

This Tiny Baby Monkey Was About to Be Killed by Poachers. Her Reaction When Rescued is So Moving

koala rescue

Australian Teens Drive Around Island Scorched by Bushfires to Rescue Surviving Koalas