Firefighters Come To The Rescue Of 120-Pound Great Dane Stuck In A Tree

I’m sure you’ve heard of cats getting stuck on trees. It’s a pretty standard call for firefighters to save these curious felines. But the firefighters of Louisville, Kentucky thought that it was part of a prank when a man called them saying his Great Dane had climbed up a treetop.

The caller was Weston McGuirk. When Wes returned home from having dinner in the city, he couldn’t find his dog until he heard a whimpering from above. That’s when he realized that 120 pound Kora has jumped the fence and gotten herself stuck 20 feet above the ground. Wes tried to get the puppy down by placing a ladder. But it was too challenging. That’s when he called the fire department for help.

dog up tree

Firefighters were shocked to see a huge gray Great Dane looking down with puppy-dog eyes. So, the rescuers climbed up the tree and hitched the dog with a harness to lower her down. The puppy was cold and shivering by then but was still in her best behavior. However, the harness broke when they were midway. Luckily, they had a tarp in place to catch her in that case. Kora was safely down without a scratch on her. And back to as if nothing had happened before all this. Watch the video of her rescue below:

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