Officer Saves Freezing Dog Struggling To Survive, But That’s Not Even The Best Part Of The Rescue

Life often gives you a second chance. When you get such an opportunity to shake off your past, you have to welcome it with open arms. This dog did precisely that after almost drowning in icy cold water.

The white dog almost lost his life after he fell in Lake Michigan. Luckily, a passerby saw him struggling and called the police who saved the canine’s life. Now named Michigan, the pup made a full recovery from hypothermia at the Wisconsin Humane Society. However, this isn’t where his story ends.

michigan dogMichigan’s owner didn’t come to claim him after the whole ordeal. Fortunately, there was an outpour of love for the dog by hundreds who applied to adopt him. Brenda Thompson went to visit Michigan at the humane society as soon as she saw the news. She visited her every day since then. This might be the reason why they picked her to be Michigan’s new Mom! You can imagine the joy Brenda must be feeling. Furthermore, she already had everything set up for his arrivals like a bed and new bowls. Watch Michigans heartwarming rescue story below:

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