Sylvester Stallone Opens Up About Losing His Son On An Early Death

One of Hollywood’s biggest actors and producers, Sylvester Stallone, has five children. He was able to witness all of his first son’s most memorable moments up until his untimely death. Sage, the actor’s 36-year-old son and heir apparent, died in a car accident.

Sage’s body was found in his Los Angeles apartment by a housekeeper his mother had asked to check on him. Sage’s lawyer, who had been unable to reach him on the phone, had prompted this action. Sage had already passed away by the time the housekeeper arrived.


For a while, the manner of Sage’s death was a mystery. Some people speculated that the young man may have died as a result of drug abuse, which is common in cases of sudden death. While toxicology tests were being conducted, the coroner’s office was unable to make a determination for six weeks, and rumors persisted in the media.

Legal representative George Braunstein told E News that his client Sage was an enthusiastic young man full of life and that they had recently discussed Sage’s plans to find a wife. In Braunstein’s opinion, there was nothing in Sage that indicated depression or financial difficulties. The actor had some issues with Sage’s father following their divorce, but they were soon able to mend their relationship.

For Stallone, Sage was the center of his universe, and he said he would be devastated by this loss for the rest of his life. Affirming his son’s legacy, he pleaded with the media not to tarnish his son’s name and was determined to put an end to rumors that were circulating. During his grieving process, Stallone ceased all public appearances and acting engagements. When the autopsy report was made public, it was discovered that Sage had died of a heart condition linked to atherosclerosis. Watch his one of the few interviews where he opened up about the situation.

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