Man Attempts Being ‘Pregnant’ For Single Day But Is Unable To Even Leave Bed

For some reason, being pregnant has never piqued my interest. That group of women who “love it” and swear they will miss their growing bellies completely baffles me if I’m being completely honest. Without a doubt, I am grateful that I can conceive and carry children. I adore them dearly, but does that imply that I must adore every moment of this life-creating business as well? To be honest… NO

And I used to get angry with my husband and the fact that he is a guy and doesn’t have to experience any of this in his life. And wished at some point he will understand that, the noises, grunts, and irritations I pour unto him completely normal and in fact my right!

Man being pregnant

Australian internet personality Maitland Hanley, assuming it couldn’t be that difficult, faked pregnancy with watermelons and filmed the results to demonstrate what a woman goes through. Even though the video started out as a joke for Hanley, it ended up being quite informative, showing how difficult it can be to deal with pregnancy.

Daily tasks like putting on shoes and driving to the store to get some food were nearly impossible for Hanley. His stomach was wrapped in a watermelon while his chest was covered by two smaller watermelons. The video shows how difficult it is to even get out of bed. Watch it here by yourself:

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