Teen Sees A Woman Bulling Man With Disabilities and His Guide dog- So he Takes Matter Onto His Own Hands

A female passenger on a bus in New Taipei City complained that a blind man’s guide dog was smelly when he boarded with him. After he refused to open the window, she began ranting at the bus driver.

“I told her my dog wasn’t stinky, that it didn’t smell,” recalled Mr. Lan (the blind passenger) of the encounter. She protested that I was yelling at her and claimed that it was rude of me to do so. Pets were allowed on board because of a decision made by the bus driver, she said.

Woman calls guide dog stinky

“I told her that if she had a problem with me she should just come to me and don’t take it out on the driver,” said Mr. Lan. “The driver had nothing to do with this. He needed to protect the rights of all the passengers. The driver asked her to lower her voice. But she was being totally unreasonable and made a scene on the bus.”

Mr. Lin (the bus driver) said: “A high school student who tried to stop her was sitting in the first seat behind her. He thought her actions were totally out of line because it is perfectly legal to bring a guide dog on board. They have the right to board a bus. The dog behaved well and didn’t smell at all! It didn’t bother anyone else. The passengers initiated a vote among themselves; and everyone voted the dog wasn’t stinky.”
Seeing this, the woman made an embarrassing exit form the bus. Watch the reenactment  of the incident here:

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