You’re Walking Through the Grocery, You Hear Singing, Then You See This…

Imagine you’re walking through the grocery store, pushing your cart and beautiful singing starts coming over the loudspeaker. Then you look over and the singing is coming from one of the employees, standing in the floral section, belting out a song in Italian, or maybe it’s Portugese, but either way it’s wonderful.

That’s exactly what happened to realtor Janet Porcaro at Russo’s Grocery Store in Watertown, Massachusetts. She said, “I heard a beautiful voice from outside. Rushed over leaving my cart to find this man singing.”

The man’s name is Guilherme Assunção and he’s obviously terrific. Janet was shocked and so was everyone else–it’s not every day you hear a singer worthy of opera or a Broadway musical in your grocery store.

It’s heartwarming to see the attention Guilherme got for this performance. There’s a crowd around, most of whom have cell phones out filming him. “Almost everyone stopped what they were doing and listened in awe!” Janet said.

Watch the full video below!

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