Horrific, Sad Mid-Air Collision Over Dallas Veterans Day Air Show

WARNING: This video is graphic and might be unsettling to some viewers.

A Veteran’s Day Air Show in Dallas turned tragic when two vintage WWII military planes, a P63 fighter and a B-17 Bomber, collided and crashed to the ground. The Wings Over Dallas Air Show was happening over the Dallas Executive Airport on Nov. 12, 2022.

It’s not yet clear what happened because neither was performing any special maneuvers at the time they collided. It appears the smaller of the two planes, the fighter, didn’t see the bomber as it vectored toward the ground. But as of this time, there is no official cause.

Updates since the crash have revealed six people were killed but the cause of the crash is unknown. Investigators have stressed that cell phone footage, taken by a large number of people on the ground, will be key since the vintage planes had no flight recorders or other instrumentation that could be used.

Our hearts go out to the families of these men and we are deeply saddened that this tragedy occurred on a day of remembrance for our brave veterans. Watch the full video below and join us in expressing our sadness at this event.