A Diver is Retrieving a Sunken Ship. But When He Found This, He Couldn’t Believe His Eyes!

When news of a tugboat that had capsized on Nigerian waters came out, some divers were sent out on a recovery mission three days later. They thought nobody aboard the sunken ship had survived, but they were in for a huge surprise. They went there hoping to salvage stuffs from the ship, but one diver was shocked when a hand grabbed him out of nowhere.

The ship’s cook, 29 year old Harrison O’Keane, had miraculously survived the accident. Harrison had discovered a four foot air pocket and the poor man had been surviving on nothing else but coca cola. Thankfully, the divers reached there on time. Who knows what could have happened to Harrison had they not arrived! I can’t even imagine what I would have done if I was in his place!

Dramatic rescue of man from submerged boat 2-49 screenshot

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