Dad Gives a Huge Hug From His Dog After Coming From Work, Now Pay Attention to the Dog

St. Bernards are one of the largest dog breeds in the whole world. Often termed as giants for their colossal size, these amazing dogs actually have the most gentle, calm, and friendly temperaments. They were originally bred for rescue, but over the years they have been adopted as family pets too. Moments shared with these special dogs are always precious; like the one featured below!

Sully the St. Bernard loves his dad. When his dad comes back from work, he is ecstatic to see him. He gives him a big hug, but this huge guy is one resolute hugger. Dad tries to get up, but the pooch is having none of it. He pins him down with his weight and proceeds to give him kisses. You won’t be able to stop your smile at how lovable this guy is!


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