Street Dog Was Dying From A Rare Disease, Then Has An Incredible Transformation

Showing affection for animals that are clean and healthy is easy. It is the homeless, weak and diseased ones that need our utmost love and care. Pampering one’s own pets and not batting an eye towards the animals suffering in the streets is not “animal love” but hypocrisy.

The video features a skeletal dog, helplessly wandering the streets in pain. The female dog was afflicted with mange, a fatal skin disease. She flinched on seeing the rescue team but was soon to give in as they wrapped her in a blanket. Perhaps she knew they meant no harm. Thereafter, the team medicated her, and fed and bathed her regularly.

WATCH how proper care and ample food transformed her from an itchy and frail dog to a healthy and beautiful one! The rescue team named her Mary and she seems to be getting along well with everyone. Mary is finally getting the love she deserves!

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