Mischievous Kid Pulls The Perfect Plot Twist, Gets Her Mom In Trouble For ‘Kidnapping’

The Young Director Awards is a prestigious award show for aspiring directors in the advertising industries. It is being presided over by TBWA’s Francois Chilot who is known as a highly demanded guest and jury on renowned film festivals in the world such as the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. One entry in 2010 had become viral all over the internet due to its uncanny story.

The short clip opens with a middle-aged woman driving, she quickly looked at the little girl on the backseat through her rearview mirror and smiles. The little girl was busy on her sketchpad when they were stopped by a traffic enforcer. The little girl stared at the man quickly and turns back to her sketch pad. It seemed like the woman was driving a little over the speed limit and the traffic enforcer asks for her papers, which she quickly obliged. As she bents down to find it, the officer comments: “Mummy a bit in a hurry, was she?”. What the little girl does next shocks the officer.

Source: Youtube

The little girl looks at the traffic enforcer seriously and whispers: “She’s not my mommy.” The officer’s face changed as the little girl lifts her sketch pad with the words HELP written on it and mouths the words “help me”. The officer shouts as he ordered the woman to step out of the car before the young girl looks towards the camera and smiles mischievously. “Born to create drama” appears after.

The short clip was directed by Rogier Hesp. The aspiring film director was 24 when the clip was filmed. Now he works with Caviar, a film production company founded in 2005. Watch it here:

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