Every time this dog hears somebody sing, he starts singing himself!

Dogs can do a lot of tricks when their owners train them to do so. They are intelligent creatures not only capable of doing what they are told but are also full of emotions and unique personalities. Some dogs even mimic their owners’ actions as they get to see them do activities often and try to imitate them as well. Just like this adorable singing German Shepherd right here, featured in the video below.

It is not uncommon for a dog to howl to a tune as it is one of their ways to communicate dating back to their wolf ancestors. Research has also shown that dogs have a sense of pitch due to their high-frequency hearing, they can indeed differentiate sounds and tones. It’s actually nice to hear musically inclined dogs such as this German Shepherd who is seen joining his owner sing in the shower.

In this video, the dog was silently lying on the bathroom floor while waiting for his dear owner to finish bathing. As the dog hears his owner sing a tune, he happily joins him for a duet while practically hitting the right notes. This pup really showed off some of his vocal skills! Amazing how these creatures are so easily influenced. They react to almost everything we do, and sometimes just for their own unknown reasons.

Watch the short clip below to see how this dog effortlessly got in tune.

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