Comedian Sees Sick, Stray Dog Hiding in a Parking Lot and Scoops Him Into His Car at Once

Dogs are the most loyal and loving companions to humans. However, not everyone out there appreciates these impressive canines. Some owners not only abuse their pets but also abandon them in the middle of nowhere.

Fortunately, many people out there are busy saving these fantastic animals one at a time. And this is one such heartwarming story. Back in the 2018 stand-up comic, Anand Raman from Dubai was on his way to have lunch with his sister. On his way over, he locked eyes with a pooch hiding under a parked car and eating some leftovers. As Anand examined the poor canine from afar.

The dog took this as an invitation. Hence the canine walked over to Anand in a curious but excited disposition. Once the pup was near, the comedian noticed he looked sick after petting it for a while. Anand decided to take him home but first a visit to the Vet. He explained the situation to his sister. Who joined them in no time and drove them to a nearby care center. Luckily snowy was not suffering from anything severe. Snowy was malnutrition, as a result, had rickets. All he needed was to get back on his fours with a good diet, some medication, and lots of love.

Please press play and enjoy this warm and fuzzy story.

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