James Cordon And Ariana Grande Perform Titanic Tribute And It’s Too Hilarious

We’ve all heard of James Corden’s epically famous and entertaining carpool karaoke. The guy gets to ride around town with A-list celebrities like Paul McCartney, Lady Gaga, SIA, and Bruno Mars, singing their songs and joking around as if they’ve been friends for years. James also has a pretty good voice! He can easily carry a tune, a beat, and be hilariously entertaining all at the same time.

On The Late Late Show on Monday, Ariana Grande and James Corden collaborated to celebrate Jack Dawson and Rose DeWitt Bukater’s love story from Titanic.
James Cordon And Ariana Grande Perform Titanic Tribute

The segment began with James standing on the studio stairs dressed as Leonardo DiCaprio’s character, Jack, in a vintage black tuxedo.

‘Tonight we’ve got 13 songs, nine sets, one take, and zero pressure — this is Ariana Grande in a Titanic soundtrack,’ he exclaimed. Watch this Hilarious Sketch here:

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