Abused dog chained outsize freezing for 4 yrs, then angel finally steps in

Stories about animal abuse always break our hearts. But with each passing day, such cases keep increasing. And this one has crossed all extremes— from keeping a dog chained to not giving him food and shelter. The owners even pondered upon shooting him. Thankfully, help arrived right on time.

Meet Diesel from Yukon, Canada. Yes, Yukon…where the temperature drops to -40 degrees Fahrenheit. Yet Diesel’s owners were cruel enough to leave the poor dog freezing and starving to death. Diesel would lift each paw from time to time to keep himself from freezing. Sadly, the weather conditions weren’t the only thing giving him a hard time. Diesel had been kicked by a horse, losing all his teeth and splitting his tongue. Moreover, a stray dog bit his shoulder. Diesel had lost all hopes of being loved.

Someone saw Diesel’s plight and called the Animal Advocates. Diesel was taken to a vet and thereafter, he made his trip to a rehabilitation camp. Diesel got his training by playing around and making new friends. Eventually, a foster family took the cuddly dog and promised to give him all the love and care he needs.

WATCH how Diesel’s life changed for the better. We hope all animals that are suffering like Diesel find rescuers and a loving family.

Part 2

Part 3

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