Stray Cat Begs for Aid Outside a Health Facility – the Reason Is Heart-wrenching

Whether human or animal, all mothers experience pain during childbirth. Unlike humans, the animals do not scream while giving birth but they do suffer childbearing pains. This article is about a pregnant cat who was experiencing labor pains and showed up at a health center in Turkey.

Nobody knew what was wrong at first, but as they examined the cat’s stomach more closely, they discovered she was pregnant. The employees let her in after hearing her screaming outside the door.

According to Turkish news, the cat was discovered outside a health clinic in the town of Tatvan, where she had apparently sought some assistance in giving birth. The staff of the clinic took the cat to a nearby veterinarian, who was able to give them a more accurate diagnosis.

As her time to give birth had passed, the veterinarian performed an immediate C-section on the mother cat. Fortunately, the cat gave birth to four healthy kittens, according to veterinarian Sefer Durmus, and the mother is doing well following surgery.

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