Stray Cat Hops Into Patrol Car And Demands Cuddles From The Cop

It is a popular misconception that cats show less affection than dogs. But it’s far from the truth. As dogs are more explicit in nature, cats are highly selective. Unlike dogs, cats take time to know their owners and have a trust issue. But once they get to know you better, you can’t get enough of them. Take this story, for example…

On November 29, in Jaworzno, Poland, Police officers were called to a minor traffic accident scene. Though it started as a routine call, everything changed when a cuddly feline interrupted their mission.


One of the officers was writing an incident report on his petrol car with his door open. That’s when the Silesian Police this footage of this furball jumped onto the officer’s lap.
“[The cat] tried to prevent a policeman from handling a collision,” Slaska Police wrote. “The animal didn’t have a collar but is very social and hugging people.”

Realizing the cat was a stray, the officers wanted to keep her safe and found a new home for her. A local rescue group has been spreading the word in case the cat has a family who is looking for her. Meanwhile, she continues to stay in the company of the police officer who detained her with his affectionate cuddles. Watch the full story here:

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