Men Take To Stage In Heels For Spice Girl’s Routine That Makes All The Ladies Jealous

Some of us can barely make it from one side of the block to the other in high heels, while others can prance and sing along to Beyoncé’s medley effortlessly. For me, it’s astonishing to see a man rocking the heels, catching every beat in a slippery stage.

As far back as he can remember, Yannis Marshall has always wanted to be a dancer. He acquired his mother’s dance skills and added his own little sass to it. And with that, he came up with this masterpiece. His style is a little unique from the crowd. His confidence and footwork make him stand out.

Yannis heels dance1

In an interview, Yannis states:
I wouldn’t say powerful, I love dancing without heels too but once I put on a pair of heels, I’m confident, like different… because once I have them on… I have to kill it. You don’t have an in-between; it’s either you kill it or you fall. It definitely brings the confidence out of me. But the power, I don’t need heels, it’s in my dance,

Yanis made the BGT semifinals in 2014 as part of a team with friends Arnaud and Mehdi. Despite the fact that he did not take home the award, his abilities were acknowledged, and he is currently traveling the world to promote his skills. Watch his sensational video here:

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