Teen Girls Bully Another Girl in Park Until Strangers Decide They’ve Had Enough

Bullying is an insidious trait that undermines our social fabric. Most of us have either seen it or even been a victim in our younger days. As adults, we know the consequence of bullying.

But the real question that’s relevant is, would we speak out against it if we came in contact with it real life? That’s exactly why YouTuber MattTV performed a social experiment on the subject to get some answers.

Initially, two girls begin bullying an innocent bystander. It doesn’t take long for things to escalate. So, they can get the attention of a couple sitting near unknown to the whole scenario. Once the bullies start to dump the girl’s belonging on the ground. The stranger has had enough. She admonishes the girls for their actions. The woman teaches the mean bullies to treat people the way they wish to be treated.

Another take the same scene, new strangers. One by one, the people witnessing this incident come forth to rescue the one being bullied. But what if it was just another little girl watching? Would she speak up? Chances are yes and no. The strength to fight back merely depends on who we are? Bullying is not new; it happens a lot. It could be happening to your brother, children, or even grandchildren.

So, maybe with the help of this experiment. It’s time to scrutinize our loved ones’ behaviors and teach them to stand up for themselves. Even teach them the consequences of tormenting others. Watch the full video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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