Mother Discusses the Soul-crushing Moment When a Stranger Insulted Her Child With Autism

We all are different, one way or the other. Some are born with rare conditions and fight every day to live what we call everyday life. However, these fighters from an early age know the bittersweet truth of society.

Autism is a rare condition characterized by the inability to carry out the average social skill from an early age. In 2020, the experts released that 1 in 68 children suffered from this disorder. However, to this day, some people still give judgmental looks.

We expect our so-called normal being to act more understanding of such changes. However, we, as the most superior social animal, fail time and again. Here is a similar story of a heartbroken mother. Nicole Dugga is the mother of her two-year-old son Riley. She was certain he had autism but was waiting on an official diagnosis.

Riley loves the grotto. Hence during one Christmas, she took him to the mall. Riley can’t speak, however, once he gets excited. The two-year-old flaps his hands and jumps up and down, making a squeaky noise. He was pointing a the lights. Nicole was well aware of the stars. But one of them felt more piercing. The disgust in her look made her angsty.

In the meantime, a girl said hi to her son. Typically, he never communicates with strangers. But this was a special moment. He repeated the same nature of excitement, which was equivalent to a HI. She was the daughter of the woman who was staring. So, she grabbed the toddler away from Riley.
Nicole’s heart sank for the moment there. She brushed the feeling off. This was not my first encounter, and this won’t be the last. So, she puts on a thick skin and never apologizes for anything.

The way she handled the situation is praiseworthy itself. However, we are the ones who need to learn to be more cooperative. Kindly share the story with your loved ones.