Stranger Pays for 8-year-old Girl’s Birthday Cake and Leaves Only a Note for the Mom

Birthday celebrations are with doubt over the top, especially when we are younger. The ballon, the gifts, although presents are amazing regardless of our age, and to top it all off, a lovely decorative cake. This staple dessert is a must at any birthday party, no matter where you live.

So, like every loving but really busy parent, Holly Grimet was planning a last-minute surprise party for her younger daughter, Eva. She ordered a beautiful mermaid cake for Eva in Kroger. But when she arrived at the shop to pay for the delicious treat, someone had already paid in advance. Initially, Holly thought, it could have been someone she knows, grandparents, a close relative.

But on further inquiry, it was actually a stranger. The woman even left a letter for Holly with a heartwarming request. Sadly, the local woman who paid for the cake had lost her son. So, on his birthdays, she goes out trying to do a little good for someone. Her son would have been the same age as Eva, eight. With teary eyes and a heavy heart, Holly accepted the gift. The woman’s request, “Cherish your babies, hold them a little longer.”

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