German Shepherd Trapped Under Debris Is Pulled Out, Then Rescuers Find Out She Isn’t Alone

Construction workers were doing their job when they found a homeless German Shepherd lying under heavy debris following a severe monsoon. The pooch was dirty and emaciated. But when they got closer, they realized that she wasn’t alone. Under the wreckage was her litter. The mama dog was cuddling up to her puppies, trying to keep them safe. In order to prevent the structure from collapsing, the workers ended up pulling them out by hand.

The dog was aptly named Stormy. She and her puppies are on a road to recovery thanks to Saving Paws Rescue and a grant from PACC911 Lulu’s Angel Fund (LAF).


Stormy had several issues. She was not only emaciated, but she was also anemic and had wires embedded deep in her fur and skin. The pooch suffered from a prolapsed uterus, advanced heart worm disease, and a stomach full of gravel. She probably ate the grit because she was starving. Her chances of survival were at 25%, but thankfully, she didn’t give up. Stormy beat the odds and continued to live.

A vet took care of all her medical problems, and slowly, Stormy started recovering. She is now heartworm free! She will be going to a loving forever home once she gets medically cleared.


Stormy is one tough mama! Because of the things she overcame, she won the Animal Survivor Award, bestowed by the FACC Hero Awards, in 2016.

The 2016 Hero Award honored five animals and one human at the 13th Annual Hero Awards Gala. Stormy truly deserved it! A big thanks to the construction workers, Saving Paws Rescue, and Lulu’s Angel Fund for helping the dog get to where she is today! Check out this sweetest video!

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