Men Walked in the Stage With Heels on Give an Incredible Spice Girls Tribute

Did you know that heeled-shoes were initially made for men to wear during horse-riding? It slowly went from being functional footwear to something that male European aristocrats wore to appear taller and nobler! Well, this Britain’s Got Talent performance takes us right back, in the most fantastic way!

Three men come to the stage of the famous talent show and introduce themselves. The men who are from Paris seem like any typical dancing group. But they have a secret that makes them unlike any other contestant in the show— they dance in heels! This stirs up quite a look amongst the judges. And wait till they start their performance!

men in heels

They stand ready in position when the hit song “Wannabe” by the Spice Girls comes on. That’s when they erupt into their explosive choreography, which makes Simon Cowell raise his eyebrows! Moreover, the other judges can’t wipe the smile off their faces as they witness the energetic trio. Furthermore, their sassy moves on heels earn them a standing ovation from the audience who can’t get enough of the performance! Watch it below:

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