The short clip featured in the video below is about technology and how it affects relationships. Sure, technology has improved the world in many ways, however, everything that has a good side, also has a bad one. And technology is not an exception. It can connect you with loved ones that are far away from you, but as this video shows, it can also test your bond with those that are near. This short story is surely going to leave an impact on your mind.

A quiet family meal gets ruined when the sons get involved in text messaging, while sitting right at the dinner table. Their father politely waits for the salt that he asked the boys, but in vain. But the dad doesn’t let the rude behavior of his sons fly pass him. So he decides to take some hilarious action. Written, directed, and produced by Matthew Abeler, this short picture is named “Pass The Salt”. Wait till you see what happens in the clip!

If your kids use cell phones too much, you need to show them this video! It will teach them not to text at the table! Watch the funny yet powerful video below! Did you enjoy it as much as we did? Let us know your thoughts about it in the comments section!

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