German Shepherd realizes Marine is home, goes totally bananas afterwards

Having a pet in the house can truly be a blessing. Sure, they are a lot of responsibility to look after. But that doesn’t mean that that is a bad thing. Pets teach so much about compassion and responsibility to our kids. Dogs are like kids themselves. They never grow up! No matter how old they get, they will always be excited about welcoming you home after a long day at work.

But the pooch in the following video was excited for one more reason. This German Shepherd’s dad was away for work in the military. He had not been home in months, and she had missed him dearly. Of course, she had been a good dog while he was away, but she still wished to see him. And her wishes came true when he finally surprised her by coming home! Sophie was over the moon!

She already sensed that he was home when mom said she had a surprise. She ran to the door and instantly recognized the smell of her dad. As soon as he came inside, she sprang into his arms. Sophie had a severe case of zoomies, and couldn’t sit still because of happiness. The marine must also have been really happy to finally be home and be welcomed like this!

Check out the full video below:

[ytvid id=”0leGQdwUT3k”]

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