Suspicious Cop Walks To A Lonely Car Only To Find Her Life In Danger

A dramatic life-threatening moment came for a female officer when she attempts investigating a ‘suspicious’ man latter identified as Martell, loitering in a vehicle. She was about to be gunned down but for the help of a back-up cop. Officer Brianna Tedesco walked down a dark road to check out a suspicious vehicle with out-of-state license plates. She began questioning Martell, the man behind the wheel, who claimed to be taking a nap on the road at such an odd hour. She asked for his drivers’ license which he apparently didn’t have. He went ahead to give a fake name, James Dunkin when asked and handed her a paper to distract.

She didn’t know that he was a wanted fugitive who was charged for of first-degree felony homicide, multiple counts of terroristic threats, and simple assault for the alleged stabbing death of an 88-year-old man during a home robbery in Pennsylvania on July 23. All hell was soon let loose. He pulled out a gun on the officer.

The officer was as swift as a dear. She rushed him, grabs the gun and began struggling with him while screaming in high pitch. She begged for her life to be spared saying “no, please don’t shoot me”. She refused to let go of the gun. They tussle for 20 seconds and then the savior appeared, a backup police officer. He ran towards the scene, pulled his trigger and gun down Martell.

The police officer’s bodycam and car’s dashcam captured the incident and the footages are available for everyone to watch. You might want to watch the video too.

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