German Shepherd is scared of wooden floor, but he has a genius solution in mind

Different people have different kinds of fears. And sometimes, they are quite irrational, aren’t they? We all have our own fair of irrational fears; some of us more than others. These irrational fears can leave us paralyzed on the spot, unable to move or do anything to change our situation. And as this video shows, it is not only true for humans, but for our animal friends as well. It may come as a surprise, but animals tend to experience these sorts of situations, just like us.

Animals can be afraid of the dark, heights, bugs or critters. Just take a look at this adorable German Shepherd for example. The precious pooch also has a fear, but wait till you see what it is. Sam is really scared of wooden floors. He probably always slips on the wood and that is why he might be acting that way. Wait till you see Sam’s adorable attempt to make it down the hallway without slipping. It is going to bring a big smile on your face.

His owner keeps calling him, but initially, Sam can do nothing but hide behind a corner and whine. He approaches the hallway from time to time but immediately walks back. It isn’t until his other owner comes and asks him to join him that he decides to cross the distance. His move at the end of the video is pure gold! Watch this precious clip below and feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

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