They Spotted A Homeless Dog On Google Maps, Then They Immediately Rushed To Help

Hope For Paws has been doing some amazing work for animals. The non-profit organization that was established in California has been performing the most impossible of rescued. Their stories can be watched on their YouTube channel, which is also called Hope For Paws. Over the years, they have gained over a million subscribers on their channel. Their heartrending stories really tug at everyone’s heartstrings, just like the one in the following video.
They got a call about a dog in the streets. The dog was such a regular fixture of the area that she was even shown on Google maps. The dog, named Sonya, was reported to have been around for almost 10 years now. She looked like she had been through a lot of struggles, but she still had a light in her eyes and a smile on her face. This angelic pooch really needed a loving home!

The rescuers quickly stepped in to help. They wanted to gain her trust by giving her a cheeseburger, but she wasn’t too interested in it after a few bites. She got up and went into a parking lot. The rescuer quickly secured the area with some wire and after some tussle, finally got his leash around her. Sonya was very gentle though. They immediately took her for a grooming, and the vet diagnosed her with tumors, arthritis and a host of other problems.

Thankfully, she is finally in a loving home now. She’s being fostered by a kind soul, and is finally living the life she deserves!

Check out this amazing rescue below:

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