Overprotective German Shepherd Guards His Brother Watch When the Husky Approaches

Dogs are called man’s best friend, and this is not without reason. Early humans selective bred dogs from wolves. This means that they have evolved together and been in each other’s company for centuries. Over the years, dogs have formed instincts that make them both affectionate and protective towards humans. As a matter of fact, some breeds have been bred specifically to guard and protect people!

Some people might doubt this protective nature of dogs, but the following video shows it in action. A tiny baby was chilling in his rocker. The family pets, a German Shepherd and a Siberian husky, kept circling the table he was on. They were really curious about him! The huge German Shepherd was especially interested in the baby boy. After sniffing him out for a bit, it clicked to him that he was a helpless fellow that needed protection.

The German Shepherd immediately went into hyper-guard mode. He was so caring that he didn’t even let the other dog come near the baby! He was almost like a personal bodyguard. The poor husky looked surprised—why distrust him now after living together so for long? But when you have a German Shepherd in the house, that’s the kind of loyalty and guarding you get! The little baby already has a guardian angel looking down on him!

Check out the full video below:

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