German Shepherd Abandoned in the River Gets the Rescue of a Lifetime

There are lots of homeless animals on our planet. These poor souls live out on the streets and frequently have to scour for food and water. They don’t even have roofs over their heads. Stray animals usually fall victim to human abuse. Most of them die without ever knowing what love even means. Fortunately, there are several organizations that have been working to diminish the numbers of homeless street animals. The video below features one of these amazing establishments.

Hope for Paws is famous on the internet for its amazing rescue videos. This non-profit animal rescue was founded by Eldad Hagar and his wife in 2008. Since then, they have managed to change the lives of lots of abandoned animals. Their aim is to educate people on the importance of companion animals in our society. Featured below is one their most viral clips. This rescue is incredible, but it is perhaps one of the toughest rescues that they have ever executed.

In this footage, Eldad and his team rescue a German Shepherd trapped by the LA river. The poor thing had been stuck there for weeks. He was lonely and scared. The people from the community had been feeding him, but they couldn’t pull him out. So they searched for help. That’s when Eldad, along with Annie Hart from Bill Foundation, stepped up. They were able to secure Biggie and bring him to safety with the help of volunteers from the community.

Watch Biggie’s heart-moving rescue below! Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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