Mom Gets Tired Of Waiting Her Son’s Call And Makes A Funny Video To Recall Him Who’s The Mother

College can be the start of a new adventure with friends and a life with their independence and freedom of choices. While having fun, we sometimes tend to forget our parents, and this can hurt their feelings. This mother has no hesitation expressing how she feels about her son forgets to call his mother for a long time.

She begins the video by emphasizing the fact that she was the one who gave birth to him and fed him for the first eighteen years of his life. She starts talking about how she always made sure he ate on time as well as how she took him to karate classes. The mom feels hurt while reminiscing.

Also, she briefs him about how to use a phone just as a reminder in case he had forgotten. She wants him to unlock his phone, which is of course bought by his mom and wants him to try calling mom.

Well, we hope Liam calls his mom soon before paying his next installment tuition fees! It wouldn’t hurt to call your mother once in a while for a quick conversation; it means the world to parents as they are, of course, worried about you.

WATCH this video below:

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