Heartbroken Man Shares An Emotional Duet With His Mom Battling Alzheimer

Grandmother and her grandson have the most loving and beautiful relationship there is. In this video, they share this special bond as the grandmother plays guitar and sings for her grandson. They have a sing-along, and it’s heart-warming to see such a deep connection with each other.

As the old lady has Alzheimer’s, the grand-son decided to help her out. They sing the song in perfect harmony, which can tell us that they enjoy singing this song for a very long time. The lady had a trip to the memory lane of the past as she relived the musical experience that she had in youthful days.

Moreover, it’s lovely to see the love the grand-son has for his grandmother as he kisses her gently. She laughs with delight. This video is a reminder of how spending time with our grandparents can mean the world to them. Old age can bring loneliness and depression, and it’s times like that as a family, we need to be there for each other.

WATCH this video below:

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