Two Loving Parrots Participate in Adorable Human-like Conversation – Owner Went Running for His Camera

Parrots are big talkers; for an animal, they sure have impressive vocal qualities. The nature to mimic stands them out. So, whenever they get a chance to hang around with their buddies, they make human-like conversation.

Somewhat like the clip featured below, two couples’ are talking to each other, and their sound of kisses guarantees a romantic atmosphere. The two parrots are rested on a kitchen counter next to each other. The left bird is a vivid green color with two rings around her neck resembling a necklace.


And the companion is a gorgeous blue color with black rings. The blue one turns to his friends and starts talking, which may sound like squeaking to humans. To that, the buddy replies. Hence the pair continue the conversation back and forth. Though we don’t understand the secret language, you will find it refreshing to watch.

The lovely birds look really happy to be each other’s company. The video will surely bring a smile to your face, do take a look. And don’t forget to share your loving pet stories in the feed.

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