She Played A Michael Jackson Song On The Stereo. Watch Her Bird Reaction

The following video features a hilarious little dancer named Snowball. This medium sulphur crested cockatoo has become a household named for many of us from the time his videos went viral on the internet. Snowball lives at Bird Lovers Only Rescue Service, a charitable bird rescue and sanctuary located in northwest Indiana.

In the clip below, Snowball shares with us his tribute to Michael Jackson. His sense of rhythm is impeccable and he has been known to change his moves along with the beat of the song. This dancing birdie has been studied by scientists at Harvard University because of his abilities. They actually think he is a little human trapped inside a cockatoo’s body!

Watch Snowball’s tribute to MJ in the video below! Did you enjoy his dancing skills? Let us know if you liked it in the comments!

[ytvid id=”cNAAZ5Nt6pk”]

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