4 Soldiers Perform “This Land Is Your Land” Together, Now Millions Love Them For It

There is something just wonderful about patriotic songs. Everyone loves their country, no matter what. One’s country is part of one’s identity, and where we are from defines us in many ways. Soldiers are perhaps the personification of patriotism. They risk their lives and give their country their all. But the last thing people associate with a soldier is a musical instrument. That is where these men in the following video come in.

You might have probably heard of the Six-String Soldiers before. These amazing guys have made some of the most wonderful covers of different classics. Their instrumental version of “The Battle Hymn Of The Republic” is amazing, and their rendition of the 60s classic “Bad Moon Rising” is truly a must listen. I have listened to them many times, but they still manage to drop my jaw with their songs.

In this video, we get to see their rendition of the song, “This Land Is Your Land”. It is one of America’s most well-recognized patriotic songs. They play their instruments and walk at the same times. If you have tried doing that yourself, you know how hard it really is. They justly deserve the title of “the musical ambassadors of the army”!

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