Opera Singer Undergoes Risky Brain Tumor Surgery, but How He Entertained His Doctors is Making Headlines

There is no doubt that human anatomy is a complex system. However, the most complex out of the bunch has to be the brain. Not only does it produce all our thoughts and emotions, but it also commands all the functions of our body like sight and speech. Due do our brain being such a sensitive organ; neurosurgeons often do craniotomies where the patient is completely awake!

Anyone would be terrified when they got the diagnosis of a brain tumor! But Ambrož Bajec-Lapajne had a specific concern that he couldn’t get out of his mind. Would the professional opera singer continue to sing after the life-saving surgery? Fortunately, the Neurosurgeon advised going through an awake craniotomy. This way, Ambrož would be able to talk and sing during the procedure so that doctors can assess the effect with each cut.

craniotomy opera

With no blood or exposed flesh in his sight, the only thing Ambrož has to worry about is singing! As doctors work in his skull at the back, the artist begins singing to the music. Moreover, he performs portions of Schubert’s “Gute Nacht.” As he sings, it doesn’t feel like he’s having a brain tumor removal surgery at all. But all of a sudden, something unusual happens during the 2:40 mark. Expressly, his speech slurs, and he can’t talk for a while. This only lasts for a few seconds, and he’s back to normal, singing like a pro!

Watch the fascinating moment below:

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