Deer Enjoy Their Cherry Blossom Park Home Without Hordes of Tourists and Everything Gets Captured

The outbreak of the novel Coronavirus has been teaching us a lot about the state of our world. One of the biggest things has to be the fact that humans have been disrupting nature. Moreover, without daily human activity, animals have been coming out and reclaiming their land. And the most beautiful proof of this has to be the deers who are enjoying their cherry blossom park without tourists crowding in the area!

The lockdown restrictions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 has been limiting human activities. Because of this, dolphins have come out to the canals of Venice, lions are taking naps on empty roads in South Africa, and the deers of Nara, Japan, have their home all to themselves. And it couldn’t be more beautiful!

nara park

The public park in Nara, Japan, would usually be overrun by tourists coming to see the cherry blossoms bloom during spring. However, it has been quiet with only residents coming in to look at the scenic beauty. This has led the Sika deers, which are one of Japan’s national treasures, to roam freely in their habitat. Moreover, they sit beneath the flowering trees in peace without hordes of people taking selfies.

Watch the beautiful scenery below:

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