Family Dog Inches Closer to Newborn and Gently Rocks the Baby – It’s Heartwarming

Furry friends are great companions to not only us but to our kids as well. Well, this video shows exactly how precious that bond can be. Sometimes dogs get jealous of the divided attention of mom with the arrival of a newborn baby. But this one is a cutie! Instead of throwing tantrums, he decides to help her out with the new baby! Awww.

Mom got tired of rocking her precious baby napping in the rocker. And this doggo immediately jumps in to help her put. It seems like this pooch has learned ways of humankind. He looks longingly at the baby and rocks the baby every time he starts cooing. You won’t believe how kind and gentle he is with the tiny one, and it’s just too cute to believe. Looking at this particular moment, mom realizes that he is a perfectly good babysitter. Her baby is in perfectly good hands!

Furthermore, he even lifts his head and rests it on the side of the rocker. She will immediately jump into action if something happens to the baby. And honestly, that’s the most heartwarming thing ever. He will never let any harm come the little one’s way. So, if you have trouble with canines around your baby, this video will change your mind.

Watch the video below: 

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