Foolish Thief Loses His Case In 26 Seconds – Wait Till You Hear What He Said

Judge Judy is a courtroom series that stars the former family court judge, Judy Sheindlin. In each episode, the Judge presides over some real but small-claims cases inside a televised room. Many other shows have tried to copy this incredible court show, but none of them have been surpassed it. Judge Judy ran on TV for 25 years, from 1996 to 2021.

Bizarrely enough, Judge Judy could have come about in 1993 when Judge Wapner was released from The People’s Court, which was at the time the top court TV show. Judge Judy actually called the show’s producers and offered to do the show in Wapner’s place, but they reportedly said, “Are you crazy, lady?” and hung up on her. Two years later, they contacted her with that very offer: headline a TV court drama.

It was the No. 1 rated court show since its debut and it drew about 9 to 10 million viewers on a daily basis! The show has given Sheindlin many awards and acclamations as well.

On one of the episodes, we got to meet a high school student called Ginny Paradeza who had her purse stolen by a thug. You are going to be in hysterics when you see how Judge Judy serves justice!

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