Siblings Perform Scottish Ice Dance So Original it has the Audience on Their Feet

It is always good to see people following their culture and tradition despite the passage of time. Times change and people try to blend in with pop culture. Here’s a couple of siblings who are able to blend culture with their modern sport–and it’s incredible.

However, there are many people who prefer to stay cultural and traditional with everything they do. The love of art and culture from their nation and background makes them stand out in this world of people trying to fit in. The world is very vast and the cultures in it are just as vast and diverse. Among them, all Scottish dance is one of the best forms of dance.

Ice skaters John and Sinead Kerr of Great Britain put together this incredible routine for the World Championships a few years ago but it is absolutely worth watching over and over.

Set to Erin Shore’s “Auld Laing Syne,” a Scottish version of the British classic, and dressed in gorgeous Scottish costumes, John and Sinead perform a fantastic original routine that clearly pays tribute to their heritage and at the same time captivates both audience and viewer.

You can’t help but get mesmerized by this performance, even if the commentary is in Swedish. Watch the full video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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