He Passed the Ball to a Little Girl but a Nasty Woman Grabs It Away!

Sports are more than just about athleticism. Sports games are about community and friendly competition. Moreover, for some people, it is their whole lives! You might all know someone who is all-consumed in the sports world. And sometimes they can go a little too far! And these sports fans proved this by stealing important sporting moments from kids.

Some fans can be so into sports that they show some extreme behavior. Players have seen fanatics run into stadiums and fields, disrupting the games. Some catch balls when they are not supposed to! But nothing beats the moment when full-grown adults steal the ball that a child was heading to catch. And this video is a whole compilation of those events.

adult steals ball

There’s nothing better you can do than spoil a child’s moment to shine to earn the hatred of thousands of people. And these people do so shamelessly! Like the woman who dives in to snatch the foul ball out of the little girl’s hands. Moreover, the man boxing the kid out of the way to catch the ball is just sickening.

Furthermore, the internet is raging on the man who snatches the ball that the kid was hoping to clasp! How revolting! Watch the compilation video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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