Labrador Leans Out of Boat and Kisses 22-Ft Shark

Well here’s something you don’t see every day: a shark video where the shark is doing something nice with another animal rather than attacking it.

Sharks are counted among the dangerous predators on this planet, which is why most humans steer clear of them when they’re in the water. But in this story, a female diver had a once-in-a-lifetime encounter with a whale shark while she was on the coast of Australis’s Ningaloo Reef with her dog, Sailor.

As Jade Pursell and her companion were diving off the coast, they witnessed the massive whale shark. Luckily, the shark did not approach her but swam over to Pursell’s 12 foot tinny, where eight-year-old Sailor was waiting for her to return.

As the shark swims close to the boat, the Labrador retriever shared a kiss with this friendly shark! The whole scene was captured by Jade on her camera and it looks truly amazing. The big whale said hello to this lovely canine and then peacefully swam away.

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