Ice skating is a recreational sport where skaters play through skating boots. The trend of ice skating became popular after it became a recognized sport in 1876. This sport gave rise to two other sports, such as figure skating and speed skating. The video below features Rebecca Nedorfer figure skating performance.

Choreographed by herself for her Pasadena Competition, it will surely encourage every viewer to copy her sizzling moves. Her incredible dance moves, jumps, and spins will put you in awe.

Set Fire To The Rain figure skate

On top of that, the perfectly correlated song by ‘Adele’ will put you up in your feet. Her performance is just as bold as the song ‘Set Fire to The Rain.’  Her confidence and dramatic moves are unbelievably amazing to not notice any mistakes as well.

The entire figure skating is portrayed with great artistry and a ballet dancing style. The flowing of her dance moves in every beat of music sends cool vibes to the audience. Watch the full video down below:

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