Pushy Mascot Bothers Security Guard but Watch What Happens Next

Time and again, we get to witness different kinds of challenges that don’t end well at all. And when you involve people whose job is to be watchful, like cops and security guards, everything depends on the situation–and their sense of humor. So it may end up giving everyone a good laugh or it may not.

During Game 2 of the 2017 ALCS, the Houston Astros Mascot Orbit dares one of the security guards to a dance-off. He sneakily taunts the security guard equally fearing for his life. However, little did he know, the guy was just waiting for his chance to showcase slick moves.

Once he pushes Orbit away, the guard launches into an absolutely amazing dance. He even does the worm-dance move!

Clearly, the mascot didn’t think this through at all. The crowd goes crazy over the clap back by the guard. Needless to say, the challenger was not thrilled about it, and you can see his frustration live on camera. I hope you enjoy the clip.

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