Raising a child is difficult. Every step of the way, you must be present. You must also exercise caution. Particularly in public places such as restaurants or shopping malls. Because the outcome can be truly heartbreaking. Take the footage for example.

On January 18, CCTV footage captured a terrifying incident of a baby walker tumbling down a six-meter-high escalator in Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, eastern China.

This infant was wandering around on a restaurant hall. On his walker, he travelled a little too far and stumbled on the escalator. Seeing a moving stair, the curious little fella hopped on it. That’s when the security camera caught this horrific incident unfold.

According to the sources, the parents of the infant were on the mall shopping and little too busy to keep an eye on the baby.

Hearing a loud noise, the baby’s mother ran to the escalator, completely unaware of the incident. She stood terrified at the escalator’s edge. Fortunately, this soldier, Wang Zihao, quickly jumped into action and ran to save her.  Thankfully, the little girl only received minor injuries. Watch the full video here:

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