This Seal Slaps Man With An Octopus – And The Video Is Going Viral

I’m sure you have stories that are so bizarre that no one believes you. People just assume that you’re making things up. But only if it were on camera, everyone would know that you were telling the truth! Unfortunately for this guy, he got hit on by a seal with an octopus. But he is lucky enough to have evidence to prove it happened!

I’ve always been jealous of these people who can just take off on an adventure. Moreover, they seem to fuel their zest for life with nature and travel. Taiyo Masuda and Kyle Mulinder happen to be one of them. And they’ve even made a name for documenting their fun outdoor escapades! However, I’m sure they’ll remember this particular day for something weird that occurred in a blink of an eye!

seal hits man

The Aussie and Kiwi adventurers were out, Kayaking with friends on a sunny day. Moreover, they are partners and are rowing to stay afloat. That’s when Kyle seems to say something, and Taiyo looks back to reply. Suddenly, a seal comes out of nowhere and smashes on his face with none other than a small octopus! This happens in a split second, and the seal disappears back in the water. Furthermore, the slow-motion of the unusual instant is epic! Watch the shocking video below:

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